ep128emu is a free, portable emulator of the Enterprise 128 computer, written by Istvan Varga, using Z80 emulation code from Kevin Thacker's ENTER emulator.
ep128emu implements all the basic functionality of an Enterprise 128, such as the Z80 CPU (all documented and many undocumented opcodes are supported), NICK chip, DAVE (there is very good sound emulation in recent releases), keyboard, disk, and tape. For more details, read about the current state of the emulator.

ep128emu 2.0 is a major new version that has a GUI, a built-in debugger, better tape emulation, a tape editor utility, and many other features.
This version is written in C++, and uses the FLTK and PortAudio libraries for GUI, video, and real time audio output. It can also make use of hardware accelerated OpenGL for faster and higher quality video display.

Download ep128emu (the latest version is 2.0.2)
Download old versions of the emulator
Download ROM images
Compiling and running ep128emu
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Current state of the emulator
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