EP128emu v2.0.11 has been released

Changes in version 2.0.11:

  • Implemented Videoton TVC emulation.
  • The epimgconv utility has a graphical user interface now, and it can also convert images to TVC format.
  • Various improvements and new features in the epcompress utility.
  • SID card emulation using reSID 1.0.
  • The debugger window has been made resizeable within a limited range.
  • Improved support for Unicode characters in file names on Windows.
  • Unformatted or non-FAT floppy disk images default to 80/2/9 geometry if the file size is 737280 bytes.
  • Fixed bug in re-opening files selected with a file chooser dialog.
  • Fixed FILE device bug in EXOS 10 with files larger than 64 KB.
  • Some other bug fixes.

EP128emu v2.0.10 has been released

Changes in version 2.0.10:

  • implemented mouse (EnterMice) support in the Enterprise emulation
  • when loading a snapshot from the command line, the machine type is autodetected from the file if not specified
  • window icons have been implemented on non-Windows platforms if the emulator is built with FLTK 1.3.3 or newer
  • on the Enterprise and CPC, the external joysticks can now have a second and third fire button, configured as keys 0x75-0x76 (EXT1) and 0x7D-0x7E (EXT2)
  • more accurate emulation of NICK port reading and floating data bus
  • improved timing accuracy of NICK and DAVE port I/O (this may break compatibility with some demo files recorded with older versions)
  • implemented EXOS function 10 (set and read channel status) in the FILE: device and epfileio.rom
  • screenshots are saved in PNG format instead of BMP
  • new Lua functions: writeROM(), writeWordROM(), and loadROMSegment()
  • building with Lua 5.2 or 5.3 is now supported
  • added support for building 64-bit Windows binaries
  • OpenGL has been made an optional dependency at compile time
  • epimgconv and other utilities are included with the emulator package
  • snapshot and demo files can be compressed in epcompress format
  • experimental SD card emulation using code from LGB's Xep128, included only if enabled at compile time
  • various bug fixes and minor optimizations

EP128emu v2.0.9.1 has been released

Changes in version

  • some debugger changes related to ignore breakpoints
  • it is possible to delete single breakpoints in Lua scripts by using a negative priority value
  • minor 6845 CRTC emulation bug fix
  • fixed bugs in closing the debugger window with the Esc key

EP128emu v2.0.9 has been released

Changes in version 2.0.9:

  • implemented CPC floppy drive controller (uPD765) emulation:
    • it supports standard and extended .DSK image files, as well as using a real disk in the PC floppy drive (the latter is not very useful in practice, since it is limited to standard PC format DD (720K) disks, which are not supported by AMSDOS)
    • 4 drives can be emulated (although AMSDOS will only use 2)
    • there is (not perfect) emulation of the timing of disk rotation, stepping, head (un)load, and data transfers; however, this may not work if the image file includes a track format that is not possible on a real DD disk (~6250 bytes per track)
    • the FORMAT TRACK (0x0D) command is unimplemented - it will always report a write protect error
    • the floppy drive emulation has not been tested extensively yet, so there may be problems with unusual disk formats, rarely used FDC commands and parameters, and some copy protections
    • reading the I/O ports 80H-9FH in the debugger will return some debugging information about the FDC emulation (see the README file for details)
    • changes to the installer/packaging: new machine configuration files have been added that include AMSDOS (the default is now CPC 6128 with AMSDOS), the package includes an empty CPC disk image, and on Windows .DSK files can be associated with the emulator
  • the CPC video emulation now supports half-character resolution scrolling by changing the horizontal sync width
  • improved 6845 CRTC emulation accuracy, fixing problems in some CPC games
  • it is possible to disable software control of the tape motor (this is useful mainly to work around some buggy Enterprise software)
  • when using the PC floppy drive and a real disk for WD177x emulation, the geometry parameters are now also queried from the system on Linux
  • if the WD177x emulation detects a valid FAT header at the beginning of a disk or image, it checks the geometry stored there, and if it does not match the emulated hardware geometry, an error is reported; this can be disabled by specifying all three parameters manually
  • the Windows installer uses new download locations for the ROM package, since the previous ones no longer work
  • the ROM package has been updated (new versions of Enterprise ROMs)
  • minor fixes/improvements in DAVE and NICK emulation
  • on the first page of the debugger window, the memory dump can now also display I/O ports
  • the debug display of I/O registers has been changed slightly for CPC (shows the currently selected CRTC register, and the CRTC memory address)
  • the monitor emulation allows less difference from the standard vertical refresh rate than in the previous versions
  • a 189 MB (12x15.75 MB FAT12 partitions) .VHD file has been added to the disk image packages
  • the Windows installer now includes LuaJIT 2.0.0 beta5 in addition to the stable 1.1.6 version. To use the faster beta version, copy or rename lua51-2.dll to lua51.dll, removing or renaming the original lua51.dll file
  • some optimizations in Enterprise and CPC emulation

EP128emu v2.0.8.1 has been released

Changes in version

  • some CPC emulation bugs have been fixed